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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Episode 219 - The Man Under the Hood

Start - Intro/Feedback/Summary, 13:12 - Plot, 22:06 - Plot/Character, 37:12 - Comics/Trick Arrows, 42:23 - Comic tie-ins, 48:39 - Sign offs.

It's just a building.

Welcome home.

Sick catch.

And a better view.

Poor Roy.

Slade assembling his army.

Scars! That must mean... Black Canary!!

Cisco Ramon.

Also known as Vibe.

Check out his audio pulse gun.

And Caitlin Snow.

Killer Frost one day?

Join us next week for Seeing Red.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Episode 218 - Deathstroke

Start - Intro/Feedback, 7:43 - Recap, 21:37 - Plot, 38:42 - Character, 
44:15 - Quotes/Misc, 49:05 - Sign Offs

Finally Roy gets some bow training.

What font is that? I think Slade would use something more sinister.

Oliver just wants to beat the heck out of someone. 

"Congratulations, you're not dead" 

Naptime for Slade. 

Your brother has a secret. 

Isabel was a great twist... 

Love his badass armor. 

Thea's family are a bunch of liars. 

Heh. Star City. I get it. 

Triumvirate of evil. 

"Oliver needs one more distraction." And Slade needs one less. 

Come back in two weeks for "The Man Under the Hood." 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Episode 217 - Birds of Prey

Start-12:55 Intro/Feedback, 12:56-22:57 Summary, 22:58-33:32 Island, 33:33-44:44 More Plot, 44:45-50:34 Character, 50:35-58:26 Quotes/Misc, 58:27-End Outro.

Oliver and Company.


Oliver's having a rough day

Die daddy!

Show me you've changed.

Huntress is back...

So's the Canary Scream!!

Totally inconspicuous.

Cat fight.

Huntress is sad.

New player?

As always, thanks for listening. Join us next week as we discuss Deathstroke!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Episode 216 - Suicide Squad

Start-7:41 Intro/Feedback, 7:42-20:22 Summary, 20:23-26:43 Plot, 26:44-41:46 Character & plot, 41:47-50:37 Comic tie-ins/misc., 50:38-End Outro.

We need both of you.

Welcome to the Suicide Squad.

Starring Harley Quinn.

Deathstroke being a creeper.

Callback to the island.


Well so much for the Bratva connection in Starling...

Great moment between these two.

A little big to fit in my pocket. 

Help support your (not so) local youth theatre camp! As always, thanks for listening. 
Come back next week as we discuss the Birds of Prey.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Episode 215 - The Promise

0-11:49 Intro/Recap, 11:50-26:42 Island, 26:43-38:48 Mansion, 38:49-42:40 Char, 42:41-49:04 Misc, 49:05-End Outro

To Friendship

Rum is Yum

Sweet training montage

Ivo's ship is here. In the middle of the island...
(There is some sort of lake under his finger, but this made me laugh.)

Sweet looking arrow.

Not today, Oliver.

That's quite a handshake.

Come back in 2 weeks for Suicide Squad!!