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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Episode 223 - Unthinkable

Start - Intro/Recap, 11:43 - Plot, 35:53 - Character, 43:19 - Quotes, 54:50 - Outro.

Slade was injecting people with the Mirakuru to test them. 
We don't actually see him with the cure in this episode.

Shado talking Slade into killing Oliver

Another base gone.

Kevlar. Never would have guessed.

Look who's back in town!

"Too bad you came alone..."

The cure crew.

Vs. the Deathstroke mob.

And Deadshot is back.

Remember this from the pilot.

Oliver loves Felicity!! Or is it a trap?

The choice is his. 

Jacket looks good on her. Now time for fishnets!

Slade's luxurious cell. 

Welcome to Hong Kong.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Episode 222 - City of Graves (Streets of Fire)

Start - Intro/recap, 11:54 - Island Plot, 23:31 - More Plot, 44:55 - Character/Misc/Signoffs

Laurel can use a bow!!

Tazer arrow!!

Slade has both phones tapped on two different tracks? Sure.

Streets on fire!!

We need the Arrow!

Goodbye DA. 

Poor #Feliggle.

Daddy's home

New base?

As always, thanks for listening! Join us next week for the finale: Unthinkable.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Episode 221 - City of Blood

Start - Intro/Recap, 10:19 - Plot, 25:34 - More Plot, 31:46 - Character/Misc, 45:50 - Outro

Pretty big turnout for a murderer.

Welcome to the city of blood.

Dead end job anyway.

"I know. No. I KNOW."

"You're gonna wish I beat you up"

Ravager looking fine. 

Comic version. 

As always, thanks for listening. Come back next week for Streets of Fire.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Episode 220 - Seeing Red

Start - Intro/Recap, 7:33 - Plot, 22:57 - More Plot, 38:44 - Character, 44:26 - Trick Arrows/Quotes, 59:45 - Outro.

Roy'd Rage.

Oh yeah, CW.

Both phones ringing? That's never good. And how is she calling both?

Introducing Dr. Lockhart.

The elusive, yet awesome Thea, Diggle scene.

Lovers' quarrel.

Triple shot!

Bad things are about to happen.

Make a choice Oliver.

An honorable death.

As always, thanks for listening. Come back next week as we enter into a City of Blood.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Episode 219 - The Man Under the Hood

Start - Intro/Feedback/Summary, 13:12 - Plot, 22:06 - Plot/Character, 37:12 - Comics/Trick Arrows, 42:23 - Comic tie-ins, 48:39 - Sign offs.

It's just a building.

Welcome home.

Sick catch.

And a better view.

Poor Roy.

Slade assembling his army.

Scars! That must mean... Black Canary!!

Cisco Ramon.

Also known as Vibe.

Check out his audio pulse gun.

And Caitlin Snow.

Killer Frost one day?

Join us next week for Seeing Red.